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First Impressions

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

How should you feel when you walk into a home that is for sale?

As a buyer, when you walk into a home you should feel as though you have been invited. The smell should be inviting, the mood should be inviting and the way a house looks inside should be inviting.

As a seller, before you put your house on the market you should declutter, deep clean, remove personal photos, make repairs and do a little landscaping to finalize the package. You want a buyer to walk in and see that the house could be their home. Make the house feel inviting. Remove any pet smell and/or smoke smell (ozone machines are amazing). Make your house move-in ready if at all possible.

There are circumstances where sellers may be in a position that they are unable to make repairs. If anything, clean the house and make it look presentable.

Sellers, make sure your agent uses a professional photographer. The seller/s will want buyers to be attracted their home via photos available through the MLS, Social Media and Third Party Websites. Professional photos are a must.

At TexStar Realty, I, Autumn MacLeod, will assist the seller/s by giving pointers, guidelines, complimentary CMA and more before listing their home.

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